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PEM LLC completes acquisition of technology from BellTech

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC (PEM), the leading U.S. manufacturer of downstream extrusion equipment in the PVC pipe and custom profile industries, announced today that it has completed a full acquisition of technology from BellTech Machinery, a downstream extrusion manufacturer located in La Uruca, San Jose, Costa Rica. The technology transfer is the result in strategic realignments of the two companies’ lines of sight.

BellTech, in a bold, strategic move, committed to refocusing their efforts on an existing, non-downstream, business segment within their current competencies. This focus change initiated the process of looking for a highly-qualified and reliable provider that would be able to consistently ensure exceptional support for their valued customers and the ability to service existing equipment in the field. As a result, BellTech pursued a mutually-beneficial opportunity with PEM.

“We are pleased with the agreement that we’ve developed with PEM. It was critical for us to find a technology provider that has a strong history and will continue to care for our customers,” says Gary Guzowski, President of BellTech, “we believe that our machines will continue to provide long-lasting service and that PEM will do an excellent job in bringing the same overall value to our customers.”

For PEM, this transfer adds PVC-O technology to their extensive product line – which builds upon their strategic line of sight – and creates value for their customers by utilizing a superior technology process that maintains the exceptional and consistent orientation of PVC pipe. Additionally, the technology transfer enters PEM into existing international PVC markets and leverages them for further growth.

“This is an exciting time for PEM and its customers. We have been undergoing many innovative improvements, including the integrations of recently acquired Advance Equipment Company and BellTech’s business technology. This positions PEM to provide quality, state-of-the-art downstream equipment which utilizes the best technologies and resources from around the world, while offering the same PEM quality – built right here in the heart of America” says Nathan Spearman. Spearman became PEM’s new CEO in December 2017.

In the past year, PEM has undergone intense change and has rapidly redrawn the competitive landscape through the purchase of Advance Equipment Company (Tumwater, Wash.) and now BellTech’s business technology.

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