By faith we seek wisdom when setting the vision and goals for the company and when facing difficult decisions.

  • We believe in seeking truths outside of ourselves and respect other’s pursuit of the same.

  • We believe that faith creates a balanced life and impacts those around us in a positive way.

  • We believe that through faith we can find confidence and direction in all our daily decisions.


People are one of the greatest and most overlooked assets of any organization. They are the problem-solvers and achievers that cultivate a driven culture of success.

  • We will always listen to our employees and customers in an effort towards continuous improvement.

  • We will show respect for all individuals (feelings, understanding, rights, beliefs, and traditions) regardless of our own views or convictions.

  • We will always be competitive with compensation benefits and invest resources towards employee wellness and training programs.   


Open and honest communication are key components of our business, so there’s no need for embellishing or subterfuge.   

  • We will be clear and accurate with all that we say and do.   

  • We will have the integrity that makes “our yes mean yes, and our no mean no.”


Cultivating trust in relationships is built over time through a series of intentional acts that demonstrate honesty, dependability, and authenticity.  We believe trust is earned, it’s never given.        

  • We will win our customers trust by acting honorably in all our decisions by always doing the right thing.

  • We will take ownership and have accountability for the results we communicate.

  • We will be transparent. When we don’t do the right thing, we will share our mistakes openly and honestly.


Why humility? Because we all know it’s far from easy sharing new ideas and opportunities with someone that exudes an unhealthy dose of pride when, seemingly, they already know everything.        

  • We believe that when we have an accurate, modest view of our own self, we are open to learning new things and growing in all areas.

  • When we are humble, we are open to listening. This demonstrates an openness to others that welcomes trust and builds lasting relationships.

  • We believe that no one person alone is more important than the sum of all the team players, which is why we will always encourage a “one-team” attitude and spirit.


We all have it within us to find greatness, even if its thrusted upon us. In striving for excellence, a person realizes their fullest potential, moving past the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary.  

  • We will strive towards excellence in all that we say and do.

  • We will set goals that are achievable yet always outside of our comfort zones.

  • We will design and engineer the industry’s most efficient and reliable products.


Service, at its core, is looking towards and attending to the interest of others for the purpose of elevating their position from its original state.    

  • We will encourage our employees to always look to the interest of others
    (family and co-workers) and find opportunities to serve other’s needs.

  • We will provide the best, most reliable service possible to our customers.

  • We will show care and compassion by serving those in need – within our community and in other countries – to make the world a better place.

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