Our highly-skilled engineering staff is a team of innovators.

We use our engineering and problem-solving skills to design the best equipment for our customers that bolster their competitive advantage. Through many years of designing and engineering downstream equipment, we have acquired a deep understanding of the complexities that our customers face each-and-every day. This is why we make sure that every piece of equipment fits your line requirements and makes the most sense in meeting your unique challenges. We want to make sure that you have quality support through the entire end-to-end process (product design, engineering, programming, safety, commissioning, training and ongoing product support).


PEM-designed equipment is designed for efficiency. We are committed to innovating our downstream solutions to best fit your needs, significantly eliminating downtime and lowering overall costs.


Nothing is more frustrating than high-tech equipment that’s impossible to operate. PEM took this into consideration when designing our easy-to-operate equipment and control panels. 


We are passionate about helping our customers, and so if you need help, we will be on the phone or in your plant doing whatever it takes (and makes the most sense) to keep your lines up and running. 

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